John has been keeping a log of all ship movements in and out of Liverpool from 1999 to the present date.

He is trying to find more information about ship movements before 1999 and has bits of records going back to 1947. He is trying to do the whole ship records going back as far as possible, but getting hold of ship movement records is not easy as nobody seems to keep Liverpool ship records anymore. There are plenty of passenger records, but not cargo or tanker movements.

Can you help or can you fill in details for a particular day? If so, please email John . The aim is to eventually put this record on the web so others can access and add to it.

Here is an example record of one days log:

18 April 2000 HW 12.06 HT 9.6m

Name Time Flag From To Type DWT Draft
Port Joinville In Fr Stanlow Tees T/k 12981 8.0
Arklow Vale In Irl Manchester Bordeaux G/c 4200 6
Anna Theresa In Cy Stanlow Dublin T/k 3500 3.5
Triton A/bar 0425 Runcorn G/c
Bunga Melor Satu A/bar 0440 Maly N Gladstone No 1 Barcelona T/k 43815 10.5
Coastal sound In 0705 ger Seaforth Belfast con 2046
Coastal Bay In 0710 Ger seaforth Greenock Con 2931
Rosethorn A/md O420 Br Ellesmere port Belfast G/c 1694
Celtic Chieftan Out 0935 Br Alfred canada Drydock Supply
Rosethorn In 0905 Br Ellesmere port Belfast G/c 1694
Celtic Chieftan In 0940 Br Canada drydock Alfred supply
Stolt Cormorant Out 1030 Cay Ince T/k 3811g
Bunga Melor Satu 1045 1025 Malay NE Gladstone No 2 Barcelona T/k 43815 10.5
Stolt Petrel Out 1045 Cay Partington QE 2 G/c 4074
Cem River Out/c 1100 N Garston G/c
Knock Sallie Out 1100 Lib North Tranmere T/k 154390
Nordbulk In 1130 Cy Seaforth S 2 Santos B/c 65434 12.45
Alert Out 1210 Nl Gladstone B/c 4830
Stolt Petrel In 1220 Cay Qe 2 Partington T/k 4500
Triton In 1235 Runcorn G/c
Sofie Theresa In 1245 Den Stanlow Belfast T/k 3512
Kapitan Drobinin Out 1325 mlt Ellesmere Port G/c 3680
Anna Theresa Out 1400 Cy Stanlow T/k 3500
Bure In/c Pa Langton Workington G/c 1453 re-anchored
Torrent Out 1415 Br Runcorn G/c 1733
Groothusen A/bar 1455 At Huskisson No 3 Aveiro G/c 2767 4.2
Bure In 1835 Pa Gladstone Workington G/c
Freyja Out/c 1900 Mlt Gladstone No 2 T/k 2200
Willowgarth out 1945 Br Langton OSI Tug 392
Coastal Sound Out 1950 Ger Seaforth Belfast Con 2046
Coastal Bay Out 1955 Ger Seaforth Dublin Con 2931 5.0
Saint Kearan Out 2005 Br Huskisson No 1 Aberdeen T/k 775 2.8
Groothusen In 2020 At Huskisson No 3 Aveiro G/c 2767 4.2
Gracechurch Star In 2045 At Seaforth Dublin Con 6450 6.6
Aker In 2105 Turk Canada No 2 Foynes B/c 34856 5.8
Auseva Out 2110 Mad Vittoria wharf Bideford G/c 1195
Transvik Out 2315 N East Lewis Stanlow T/k 4500
Cem River Out 2345 N Garston G/c 4074