Frequently Asked Questions

What information do you record?

For the webiste, I keep the usual website access logs. This includes the IP address and pages accessed which is used for anonymous statistics and investigation of hacking activity.

For AIS, I record

  • the last known position of each ship
  • every 10 minutes I log the data into the [Historic Log]
  • I also log my own local AIS data I collect from around Liverpool which is updated every 2 to 10 seconds. I recommend all ShipPlotter users do this as the detailed records may be useful if an accident occurs.
  • ShipPlotters users I record all their uploaded data into a 25 day rolling log along with their IP address and ShareID. These logs are not publically available, but I will make the data available to investigators in case of any accident.
I also make older data available to researchers, education or non-profit groups.